The Company

the Octo Studios embodies our generation’s fast and loud attitude and life style. We are specialize in Pop-Culture Inspired, Random and all around Awesome Designs!. We believe in standing out from the crowd and being heard. We stands for living to the fullest and not stopping for anything or anyone. Live fast, die young, but we fully intend to look good as we do so. 

Octo Studios is a brand geared towards customers ranging in age late teens to mid-thirties. The goal was to target a very specific clientele that had been overlooked until then. The result: a brand with a unique and explosive style. The spark that ignited the idea for Octo Studios was the willingness to innovate in the clothing domain. Octo Studios uses the best technology to combine quality and design into trendy and functional clothing. Brought up to continually re-invent, rejecting the past, and always embrace the future. Octo Studios has developed from its original roots as the status t-shirt brand, into a complete lifestyle brand. The most enduring phenomenon for the youth has been invented. 

'Outfits are Now Octo Fits'

the Octo StudiosOcto Studios